Hola Mexico City!

After the slightly crazy and emotional 3 week leaving party, we were finally on flight AF438 to Mexico City, whoop whoop.

We arrived around 6:30 local time to a less than smooth passing through immigration, the Mexican Official literally picking holes in Sam´s less than immaculate Passport, we were allowed through in the end as long as we behave, I´m assuming that´s what she said, my Spanish not being up to speed yet!

We stayed at a Hotel the first night, did a little exploring, ate a scorchingly hot street burger and drank some Sol. The intensity of the day and trying to adapt to the new altitude then put us to sleep.

The second day we walked the streets exploring the surprisingly calm neighbourhood and stumbled across a street exhibition of massive psychadelic monster creatures (photos to follow of course), we checked out of the hotel to make the journey to our Couchsurfing hosts house.

We arrived at Octavios place which is in a nice district called Coyoacan, around 6, to be greeted by our host himself who opened a nicely painted large metal gate in the 20 foot perimeter wall. Inside we met his family and were shown around his home, a beautiful slightly european looking place. “You will be staying in here” he says as he shows down a short corridor to a room with sofa bed, en-suite bathroom, several framed completed jigsaw puzzles (animals of the kingdom being my instant favourite) and 4 foot TV & home theatre system, “nice, gracias” we both say. We unpack our stuff and fall asleep, jetlag wins again.

We had planned to stay here with Octavio en la famalia from Tuesday for 2-3 nights, but he kindly invited us to watch him play in a University American Football match on Saturday, which we accepted. It´s the rival match in the semi-finals and promises to be fierce. It´s being played at the University (UNAM) stadium, the same match last year sold out, the 60,000 capacity stadium!! I guess that´s why they call it University City. Whoo!

In other news:

* Pulled by La Policia for being la Tourista, think they wanted to take some money but decided against it.

* Went to a Darwin Lecture at the collage with Leonardo, Octavio´s brother

* Off to watch Lucha Libre (Mexian Wrestling) tonight in Downtown.

Our next stop will be Oaxaca City where we´ll hopefully find another Couchsurfing host, then it´s to the Oaxaca coast and Beaches before Guatemala!

Hope everyone is well.



p.s It´s been a luxury to have the time to write but will try and keep the journal updated when I can, I´m drawing a little note as each day passes anyhoo.

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  • bobert im waiting with anticiaption 4 ur nxt blog, coz im there with u dudes – i wish xxxx god bless u both nuff love xxx

  • Keep it up Rob Rob!!! You are well missed here already brawd! had to do some till screen animations today. What’s all that about? Say hello to Sam, and tell him to make sure you change your socks and undies regularly, and wash behind your ears!!!

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