So long Mexico, for now at least

Hola! We’ve arrived in Guatamala, but that’s another story.

Our last few weeks in Mexico were similarly amazing! It seems that just lying on a beach isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

Our first stop was Puerto Escondido which was the closest coastal town Oaxaca City. We stayed at a strange hostel ran by an angry man from Devon, I got bit by his bed bugs quite a bit. Although the area itself was amazing, with an array of beaches, one of which was hosting a ‘Sail Fish’ fishing competition, we missed the competition but enjoyed closing ceremony ‘Miss Sail Fish’ female beauty contest. As dessert to the competition we ate dinner on the beach just before the sun went to sleep. As we ate we saw a flock of pelicans gathering, and watched in awe as they dive-harpooned fish from the sea, filling their beaks and bellies, amazing. We spent the rest of the days there perfecting our tans and the art of Waboba. The waboba is an amazing device used in the sea which throws like a ball and skims like a stone, sweet!

Next up was Zipolete, a beach an hour and a half away, renowned for nudism and turtles. We secured a room and were advised that the waves here were fierce and can claim lives (and the locals too apparently), so we treated them both with respect from the start. We played waboba away from the waves before attempting to invent an extreme version of the game, which would be to bounce the ball off the wall of the imposing wave before it broke. Agreed, I launched the ball at the inside of a towering wave, the velocity of the approaching wave and the strength of my pitch meant the wave batted the Waboba as far as the eye could see. RIP Waboba. Donations welcome.

While drinking that evening, our Landlord explained that as the area was so physically volatile he may at some point be forced to face locals in armed battle, and that the strong undercurrents can be favorable for ‘tidying up’, hesitant to probe further, I nodded, he continued, ever wondered why it’s nicknamed ‘Playa les Muertos’? (‘The Beach of the Dead’) At that point the loss of the Waboba ball seemed somewhat insignificant.

Ok, moving on!

Onwards to Tehuantapec, where Sam’s friend lived, we arrived late and were swooped up by Michael and his friend in his super awesome jeep, we all drank beer as we drove to his house. His house in a small village outside was nice and cosy after a long travel, ‘Wanna play in a Mexican football tournament in the morning?’
‘More than anything’ we said.

The goals were only slightly wider than the screen you’re probably reading this on! Or maybe 1.5m in reality, the ball was a size 3, which is very small compared to the size 5 we play with in the UK, the ball was a ‘Futball Sala’ which kicks like heavy football but doesn’t bounce! We were playing on the University staff team versus the students, who were super fast! Excuses aside, I scored a back in heal in the first game! We  won the game after Sam playing in goal, stopped a million power shots from the opposition and Michael scored a beauty, if slightly illegal, power shot! The tournament lasted all afternoon and we lost out to the team who won the cup. Da nada.

Next we visted San Cristobal, Chiapas, 2,100 meters above sea level, it was amazing but my fingers are tired.

In other news:

* We ate an Iguanas head for dinner

* I hung out and photographed people doing Parkour at the incredible meyan ruins in Palenque.

* We reinacted a scene from Predator at the official waterfall from the movie.

* met my first hummingbird, they’re amazing.

Hope everyone is ok,

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